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Cheesus Crust, it’s a pizza challenge!

Attention all pizza fiends, margherita munchers and crust cravers: Liverpool-based Santa Maluco, Rodízio Pizzeria, has just launched an all-you-can-eat pizza challenge for serious pizza lovers, running on the third Sunday of every month.

The Sunday Slice Challenge is simple. One hour. Ten Pounds. All the pizza.


Rodízio is an ‘all you can eat’ style of restaurant service common in Brazil. At Santa Maluco guests will pay a fixed price or ‘preço fixo’ and for one hour will be served an ever-flowing supply of pizza slices until they admit defeat.

From 3pm to 5pm, the Sunday Slice Challenge is open to all, however there are a few rules:

• Crusts must be eaten

• Condiments are prohibited

• Only one slice to be eaten at a time (to stack is to sin)

• There are no restrictions on liquid accompaniments

• Maximum one hour on the rodizio

• Competitors have the freedom to accept or pass on the slices being served

• Tactical chunders will result in disqualification

• Dessert pizzas are authorised options, however once you opt for sweet, reverting back to savoury slices is strictly forbidden

If a competitor beats the record of slices consumed in the hour, he or she eats for free!

Taking inspiration from both the diverse tastes of Brazil and authentic flavours of Italy,

Address: Santa Maluco | 2 Castle Street | Liverpool  L2 0NA Tel: 0151 236 5646 EMail: [email protected]

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